Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOHO SATURDAY- yes it's late, sorry I so berry seek

SORRY bout the VERY LATE Saturday post, got sick, explain l8tr.

It's been raining all up in here in NOHO, Cali. What the hell happened? well maybe we needed a watering down of the dust that has settled on our dreams. Kick it.

THE GREEN ROOM  w/Paul Provenza on SHOWTIME: I love it, it's on YOUTUBE right now, let's enjoy it while you can.  COMEDIANS what a lovely lot. I love them. Comedy is so SEXY. I'm twisted about it, yea ...I know. Some of them have got some serious issues and they try to work it out onstage, others have just always been clowns, since their school days, needing some attention. I LOVE IT. They sit around in this show and have it out sometimes. Other times they just shoot the shit. I would love to have them in my living room like this but I cannot afford SHOWTIMES' security. Comedy can be lethal. I also think they would steal things and sell (or attempt to sell my junk). I think this is genius idea for a show, you get to see them out of a comedy club format. This episode clocks in at 28 minutes. Watching Bill Burr, try to explain away his inability to connect with others is so awesome; witnessing comedy being broken down to it's many levels and places of origin. Please do not get offended.




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