Saturday, April 7, 2012

HAPPY SATURDAY ALL!!!! let's get this show on the road.



GREAT SONGS BY BLUR  All right boys this first song here is a great song by Blur. This song takes one back to a specific time and place. You would definitely remember the first time you heard this sound coming out of some speakers, the voice the bass, the ambiguous lyrics makes you just wanna bounce for some reason. Best of memories, and if you don't have any memories of this well take a listen and go make some good memories. The second song is just a good song form a good cd.
    They have since broke up made some albums under different names, the most famous would be Gorillaz. They got back together for some dates. You might still be able to catch them. I do like them tons I hope you do too, because I could just post this over and over and over...

madonner and gorillaz live???? in what format?

Get the cool shoe shine
I Think it's as good a time as any to let you guys know that I love love. There I said it. I'm not embarrassed by that admission and I'll say again as many times as I feel like I have to say in order that you believe it.                                                                                  
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