Monday, April 9, 2012

MONDAYS intimidation fail


SNL estrogen

Hey everyone, how's it going I'm still catching my breath from all the foods I done had to take care of and consumed. I did not have pie. I did have cake, carrot and cupcakes, red velvet. I spent most of the day surrounded by kids and dogs. When I wasn't being tired out by one, it was the other one that was wearing me out. I loved it. I spent hours just playing catch and hide and seek. It was Easter and I am beat. I hope you all got to do so much that you are so tired that you have to remind yourself to breathe or you may pass out.That is how good i wish your Easter weekend went. So was it?
Jordan KNIGHT.
I'm sure some people know who he is, already. He's got a brother that was with him in his boy band, the one before BACKSTREET BOYS and 'N SYNC. But after NEW EDITION and MENUDO, The New Kids On The Block. They disappeared for a while except for Donnie, the tough guy in the b-band. He was the actor in the beginning of a little movie known, THE SIXTH SENSE (I see dead people). Donnie's brother, not in the band known also known as NKOTB, had some fame of his own, as MARKY MARK and THE FUNKY BUNCH. And you may know him as Mark Wahlberg of BOOGIE NIGHTS, THE FIGHTER, and the SNL skit with the line "say hello to your mother"    by ADAM Sandberg. Enjoy the walk down memory lane. I do every single time.


 JORDAN KNIGHT Give it to you
     Written: James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Jordan Knight, R. Thicke
Original Lyrics:
You say it's been too long
Since you had some
You say I turn you on
Like a fire that's burning inside
You think that I'm the one
You see in your dreams
I know what you mean yeah
It's creepin' around in your head
Me holding you down in my bed
You don't have to say a word
I'm convinced you want this

Chorus: Baby you know I can give it to you
I can't deny, you do it right
Just let me know and I'll give it to you
Just show me where, I'll taste you there
Baby you know that I'll give it to you
Your body needs a man like me
Anything goes when I give it to you
You know without a doubt, I'll turn you out
I'll give it to you
The feeling is fine, giving you everything of mine

I'm the place to be
And soon you'll see
I don't care who leads
As long as we move horizontally
Anyone can make you sweat
But I can keep you wet
It's creepin' around in my head
Me holdin' you down in my bed
I can't wait to give you some
I'm convinced you need it


It's creepin' around in my head
Me holdin' you down in my bed
You don't have to say a word
Just relax I'll do the work
I can't wait to give you some
I'm convinced you need one

"Just show me where, I'll taste you there"

 Hard to forget, how girls reacted to these guys, seems unbelievable now. I know girls now might say " get real" but some of us were saying that then, to no avail. So this is just a little reminder of what has passed as mega-popular. They're not monstrously ugly, so I guess people found them appealing. If this song reminds you of another musical group, it's okay, it's not a coincidence.

 MARKY MARK and the Funky Bunch (-Bunches of oats would of been so smart, too).

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