Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday. You can do anything you want.

 After breaking up his band and being scolded by Blur's singer Damon, this man made a record produced by a former Clash member, The album was a bit uneven to say the least, but I believe if you make one unforgetable song at the very least you are a Buggles or a Spandau Ballet. Because of the lyrics this song will never be on any restaurant commercial soon. Because of the reputation of this man I wish him the best of luck. But this song is one dramatic mess, full of regret. I love this song. I'm choosing to believe it's about the act of fucking physically for an unending period of time. You pick your own interpretation.
Saturday, is made for living.

It was kind of gloomy all day and no one expected that. Talking to people you got the sense that people were kind of keeping it mellow. I can't do mellow, lazy and sleepy-resty (is that a thing?) maybe, but not mellow. What do you guys want to do on a day with nothing planned if you could do anything? I wonder where the day will take me.
     Yesterday I went from one end of the city to the other. You forget just how big the city is until you have to get from one end to the other as quickly as possible. Going through all these neighborhoods is special I realize not many people have access to so many other people. Most towns are full of pretty much the same kind of people, and the most exciting stuff happens at the one mall in town. Out here you can pick to stay in your neighborhood with people that have had  similar experiences as yourself growing up (some people do), or you can go and experience something completely new: food, music . Yes, people are more alike than different, but you can always learn something new and you can always be surprised, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Get out there and try some food that is completely foreign to you but you've always wanted to try. You might like it.


If you love them so much, why don't you marry them? - she's so cute...   


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