Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Supa dupa life. LUCKY YOU

Wednesdays. WHAT A LIFE!!!!                         YOU ARE SO LUCKY

    I sense that there are some folks out there that just don't believe that life can be good most of the time. I feel for them, that used to be me, so trust me, I know. It can be. Life it gets better and you will can be happy.I am not here to convince you otherwise, though. I will however extend an invitation, an open invitation for you to try and see things with a positive point of view. And do this without expecting anything, you will see how when you see things in a good light, they are indeed good things.
    This way of looking at things is not easy at first if you are not used to seeing things this way. I understand that it can be very hard if you've never had a good reason to believe life is good. Life has not been great for all of us, it saddens me, I understand this. Life can be difficult. But I assure you if you let the ever-present part of the brain that wants to survive do its job and assist it by seeing the good things worth living for instead of focusing on the stuff that wants to hurt you, then life can start getting better. Because that is what your brain is wired to do. It wants to keep you alive, take care of you. Keep you safe.  If you have a tendency to always see the bad, try something different for a while, like an exercise, try seeing the good. Take five to fifteen minutes a day to slow down your breathing and breathe properly and deeply while every muscle in your body relaxes and begins to feel good and happy to be alive. Slowly increase these until you become familiar with relaxing and slowing down and making sure you're as happy as possible. Done often enough, just the idea of relaxing should bring calm and happiness to you no matter what you're doing or where you are. Step by step. Give yourself some credit. We'll get there, happiness

What did you guys think of THE PIXIES? -like? no like? Let us know.

                                                                    GLOSSY CHART MUSIC
      This style of music; so glossy and slick has always been around: rhythm in the background and the catchy pretty stuff in the front. It charts high on popularity polls. It can get people in a good mood it's not hard to get into or understand. It's not meant to be intellectually deep, necessarily, it might be, but it's supposed to be felt and very easily enjoyed by all. Artists that are primarily known for this style of music and are known to produce this type of one dimensional music find it difficult to do any other type of music. I like all kind of music, even some glossy chart music. It is not my favorite, but some of it is crazy catchy cool and that irritates some people. That's not on me, sorry. I will not give you a dirty look if you enjoy some vacuous music, or roll my eyes while you're not looking. If, on the other hand, that is all you own, keep reading this blog, we'll  put some different music for you to enjoy within reach.
Here's some fun music from MYA. She is so cute, what happened to her?


THEY"RE BAAACK. Remember the tight shorts worn by gym teachers??

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