Tuesday, May 8, 2012


ARIZONA Rest-stop day 1-rest 1

Rest 2 so hungry

Grand Canyon-AMAZING

no lie: a must see.

Hi guys, I went away for a couple of days. I planned for it a while back. I now plan ahead for vacations and time to just relax, I just forget to do it if I don't. That does not include family vacation, I love them but I'm usually tired when 'family time' is over. I know it sounds weird. I needed it more than I knew, though. It gave me a perspective I didn't have from my last trip in which I came home so grateful for everything that I was floating high. There is a couple of things I've been needing to do, that I have been putting off. Maybe because of fear... but it's time. It's funny, because somewhere over the border between Arizona and Utah, it's tricky because we went along Lake Powel and that just gets funny on the road or lakeside it's different. Somewhere around there I realized I had something I had put off back home. Something that needed tending to. So while I truly had fun being away and exploring new things, I had to get home.   I'M HOME.

I missed you guys did you miss me?-of course you did my little chimichangas...

 I hope I left you guys with enough material to keep you entertained for a while. It was tons and tons of stuff. I needed a reminder of how big life is every day and I got a big one. I am back, now-Hope you guys are so good it hurts. I went walking today and it turns out I can walk for 45 min. and still have leftover music to listen to. I picked the deadmouse. I sweat up a t-shirt good in 30 min. How about it?? are you ready? It's out there if you want it. peace.

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