Thursday, April 12, 2012



Thursday is so good, why wouldn't you smile, secretly if you must. It'll be our little secret. You secretly want to be happy. WE WON'T TELL. It's done


  I was going to meet a friend at a club in the NOHO, and it turns out that it won't happen so I had Friday night free, I've made plans to hang with a friend from the other side of town, over the hill (that's what most of us that live in the Valley call Los Angeles, 'cause you've got to drive over the Hollywood Hills). I'll be seeing someone I haven't seen in a while because all they cared to do was meet at bars and drink until all hours of the night. I will not meet him in a bar ever again. I don't want to see 'im. I wouldn't see him, actually if it weren't for the fact that he wants to hang out. He's been insisting and there are just too many ways to get a hold of people now; just changing your phone number won't do it. I kind of had some reservations about hanging 'cause he's tons of fun but he's all about what he wants to do and doesn't want to do anything else. He's too good to do stuff he's not into. He's actually changed all our plans as a group at the last minute, with his pushiness. He makes you feel like your ideas or likes are not enough, and that's a terrible feeling, 'cause I don't always have big great plans nor do I want to. Needless to say he slowly gotten on my bad side. Finally we, stopped hanging out entirely. To top it off he's one of those types that when you try some discussion or suggestions he takes them as personal attacks that result in attacks on what you've worn recently. Really.We are going to meet in downtown and do some Friday night shopping because I've got to get some blinds. It seems kind of mean, but I don't want to hang like I've said and I do need to get blinds, I won't be persuaded to go to a bar, unless I'm happy with my neighbors peeking in anytime they want to ( I am not). Yes, they do peek. No, I'm not making it up.
    I'll let you know how it went...maybe.

BASEMENT JAXX;   ROMEO- because it good to dance to.  SAME OLD SHOW because of the SELECTOR Sample

BASEMENT JAXX  Getting ready for the weekend.


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