Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - Working it out.


dudes working it out
 Looks like somebody is finally being up front with the movie promos, and I'm sure some viewers of these would be at least a little curious as well. Know what I mean??                                                                                                                

I understand some people are still having a hard time with Mondays-AWWW  I just want to reach out on this one day and get some kind of group hug going. I would if I could. Fo' sho'.
    Some people have real terrible jobs and some companies are not making it easy. Many companies are taking advantage of the job market and letting people go even though they are doing great. They want to do more while paying less and companies have been using the job market crisis to do this. Having less people do the same amount of work or more. It's awful sad really.  Yes, yes there are awful jobs out there but lets do something about it don't just hate going to work.
     I would suggest to the people that hate Mondays and you are the type of people that can't stop all day, and seem to never rest, to start taking a few minutes in the day to break up the stress of coming home from work, to pick up the kids, and cook dinner. Take 5 minutes to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks, so as to tackle them with a good mental state of mind. Not as something that is slowly killing you.
    I would also suggest to the folks that hate Mondays that do have time but are always tired and don't know why, maybe it's time to see a doctor. It could be any number of things making you tired.  Lastly, If you hate Mondays and are always tired because you did too much partying on the weekend, well...I could shake you and see if that does you any good. You've got to take some time to plan for the whole week. Mondays, it's a good thing, I promise. We're alive and we can always change our station in life. All you have to want to do is want it, get some rest and plot it out, just like a game of strategy. But let me know if you still want me to shake you, I'll do it, I will.
    I will give this plenty more thought in the mean time. But lets do something about it. Mondays. It's a project. Let's do it.

SO? What did you guys think of FUCK FOREVER, the song. Bueno? No Bueno? Too messy?



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  1. The song is... yes...messy...that's exactly right. Messy and I don't usually like messy with the exception of the White Stripes ;-)