Sunday, April 8, 2012

EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!!! what are we doing, all???

Sunday. WHAT IS UP? What are we up to, where we heading out to, what are we going to eat?- I want some pie, and you??


This is the begining of the warmer days. You forget how much you love them until Januaryand February hit. Your toes do not get warm no matter what you do or don't matter where you stick 'em. We are still getting some cold (cold for Cali) days, so I plan to enjoy 'em. Wear the hell out of the jackets before I got to put them away. Then It'll get hot. We then will move into hotter, becomes unbearable, and until we can't wait for January, February again. Oh well, can't win no how, right?
    Let's get the day going and TEAR IT UP. Tear through the sadness that has plagued some, the resentment that we haven't been able to shake off. Bite the ears off of the sense that something terrible can happen at any time. Look out the window and get the day going in a good way and let the blooming of colors lead you to happiness. Use the sights, the scents, and the sounds of Spring to lift your mood. Everything can be a tool, a step to being happy, just make that a goal and stay focused. Feed off the love of the people that love you because of you. At the end of the day wish them love and happiness and watch it come back to you twofold. It's funny how that works

Finally a week to dress up in pastels. I know some o' yous love your pastels so don't be coy, today it's all you.

I hear that big girls don't cry, must be other big girls, I ain't ever heard of.

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