Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday. EAT UP BOYS. you'll need your strength.

SOMETIMES you just need music. To get you out of a funky stanky ass mood, to liven up a party, to calm you down after some real fucked up shit just went down. Maybe even when having a drink by yourself.
    My new favorite and ideal evening is spent gorging on food and watching a special effects filled movie. I think I'll make that happen again soon enough. Now if I could just find a funnel wide enough, that would be ideal. Just kidding, they make them, I found them, they're just too expensive.
    Did you guys get a chance to watch the movie KILLER ELITE?  how good was that?? Not bad at all. I wish they hadn't killed who they killed (yes, I'm being vague in case you haven't seen ti yet), so they could make a sequel to it. One actor is known for making very physical movies and taking his shirt off at the drop of a hat, and nobody seems to mind and that works for him. While the other one is doing more of a thinking action movie. Put them both together and BOOM. POW.LOVE.

Mellow little ditty for you to relax to and get ready for whatever is next. BY THE WAY THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEXT. The question is whether or not you are ready for it. Are you ready for what life has in store for you?- Let's get there---- right?

jump to 2:20 in this clip as it gets unbelievable. GIRLFIGHT!!! The MCs to these events are magic

                                                                          DUDES AROUND A MODEL.
This is the pilot for NEW GIRL and they switched characters once the show got picked up. Because the fist pick was already on another sitcom, HAPPY ENDINGS. So it's funny to see him here and know he'll be gone soon. "...a little tea-bag action" ??


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