Sunday, April 15, 2012


I apologize for yesterdays late post, explanation below, and this post is not so happy as I'm still sick, just hours later. but I can only imagine how great the next one will be and that makes me very very happy. I hope your weekend is going much much better than mine is.

 So I'd made plans to stay in Friday since my plans had fallen through once, and I'd made plans to see do something else entirely. Then my second plans fell through, lucky me, I wasn't to excited to do them in the first place. Then my original plans to stay in the Valley, was back on at the last minute. Long story short. I was at the club and I don't go out much, lately, but... I felt like I did. I drank like I did. AND I gots sick like I used to. I've spent all day in bed, except that I stepped out to see a movie. I've felt dizzy all effen day and I am so mad that I want to kick myself. I done wasted a whole day with a woozy tummy.  I haven't been able to keep any real food down or my eyes open for long and when I close them, the room spins a little. AARRGG.
    I did it to myself so I'm going to bed knowing I got no one to blame but myself. AND I'll make up for it tomorrow by enjoying it like nobody's business.

JIM JEFFRIES IS DIRTY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jim jeffriesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. hello good afternoon to annoy you apologize, like I know exactly the name of the boy who is to start with the camera, I have many years tatando to know his name, unfortunately po and not had much luck, I love you like I could answer thanks

    1. So sorry it took so long to reply (I missed this comment when reviewing notes). Sorry I do not know at this moment who the model in question is (the one with the camera), I will repost if I find his name. Thank you for taking the time to write Man was I drunk!, sincerely Ruben (manwasIdrunk).