Tuesday, April 17, 2012


buds first dudes second

NOHO Tuesday
 MY CHIMICHUNGAS!!!  you made it through MONDAY unharmed, you see, I told you we could make it. All you've got to do is prepare for it on Sunday so it's not such a big shock. Work through the week, and enjoy yourself on the weekend as much as you  can stand. PARTY TILL YOU PUKE!!! on Shirley Temples if you prefer (I know I'll think about it). Any way you want to celebrate, or maybe you might want to get chocolate wasted, that would be cute. Unless you have something unsanitary in mind, don't say it!- okay... whisper it. Now if we could do something about Wednesday...aw we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Cool?-cool.
    We will actually get to that bridge sooner than later, you see, I will post it later on in this day. You should be able to read a Wednesday post Tuesday afternoon. I have got to pay a large sum of money to the recording studio as my new single is about to drop and we got to tie a lot of loose ends up, before that can happen. Keep your ears close to the ground and the clubs for my new song, it's a dubstep/reggaeton  number I'm calling BUST YOU ALL NITE, It's a gritty nasty club thumper.
    I'm just kidding I could never call a song that. It is called BUST YOU FOREVER it's a ballad, a love song. NO seriously I'm not in the process of recording anything anywhere. I sound like a hungry sexy goat when I sing. That doesn't stop me from singing, I just wouldn't be able to make a song. If I could, I would make both songs. I've got to house-sit for a friend and keep his doggies company. He'll be home late from work, and they get nervous and by nervous I mean they tear up stuff and poop. They are too cute to be left alone and I can do that, I'm good that way. So...let me know if anyone else out there fits that description (too cute to be left alone, not the other parts), I'm more than willing to go over and take care of that situation. I'm good that way.


well since we're on the subject. NOBODY has yet been able to tell me what is a chicken wrap, or what WARHORSE is about, the movie.

Who came up with the name MEXIMELT? sounds sexy as all hell. I'm meximelting for you ...in my pants.

I really like the name CHIMICHUNGAS  though, sounds like a South American monkey that leaves  hot steamy little gifts for you on your breakfast plate when you're not looking.

And an ENCHURRITO sounds like accident waiting to happen.

MY favorite? NACHAS del GRANDE. that is what I would call my band if I had one. Get ready for:                                   NACHASDELGRANDE which in Mexican slang is just awful funny

lots o' buds

little buddy

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