Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesdays. Bros taking charge

dude that can feed you

I know we've all been wrapped up with the New Year's resolutions that are coming undone ( get back to it), The job market being what it is, Easter vacation, Spring break, decorating the eggs, hiding the St. Patty's day decorations, eating anything within reach, crying about our habit of eating anything withing reach.                     BRO-chachos, all I've got to say is give yourselves a break. Try not to stress yourself out too much. Do try to throw in some greens with your cakes, well you know what I mean not with your cake but before your cake maybe, or after. You can always have other things to worry about if you must. Halloween is just around the corner, you may want to take a few minutes to wonder, not worry about, what you'd like to dress up as.


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  1. The super-blue berries look disgusting! but wet football pants...hmmm