Wednesday, December 21, 2011

help, some people need it.

It's official people have started to loose their damn minds, and need some help, need a therapist and not know it. Straight up Crazy. Crazy drivers, impatient people in lines. Damn relax, plan for it, please. Sorry, I had to vent there for a sec, and yes I should be one to talk, I know. I've just been having incidents where it's the same people in my life that keep on having the same issues and problems and don't want to listen or can't apply it to their lives and then it's too late and they've said or done something that has to apologized for. And we know how hart it is for some men and women to apologize. Just slow down and think about what you're doing before you do it.
     When I was loosing it a couple of days ago, I was well aware of it. I couldn't seem to find time to get stuff done. I was constantly playing catch-up.  I do know what sets me the fuck off. I do know when not to answer the phone, when not to accept invitations to events that I may secretly dislike and may loose it at if not careful. I know, it's simple stuff about oneself that you learn over time and most importantly know when to apply it to your life so as to not take it out on people you love or drink or shoot up melted butter (wish I could), Don't set yourself up for failure. Take a breather. I have to plan for the weekends in advance so as to not waste them. I like to try to spend em with people I like and make me feel better. Now I'm set I've tried to not overload my calendar and make time for the things that are really important. The things that bring you back to life when you might be too tired or overworked and wonder what does it all mean. So you take a step back and just try to enjoy the ride.
    It's the Holidays for goodness sake, there is so much glitter and lights and it costs nothing to take a stroll and enjoy it. Lights everywhere anywhere this time of year so take a minute and just have a visual overload to last 'till next year, yes?
    Now hand me my pants I've got to go for a walk.

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