Monday, November 28, 2011


What is up, people??? Well hope everything turned out just fine this weekend for everyone and if it didn't you can always turn things around this week. We're gonna try something a little different today.We'll try to focus on good things that we'd like to happen this week. No Bad. Just good. Great things. Promotions. Friendships, alliances and well-being. Especially if  you are feeling tired. We're gonna need some quiet for this quick exercise. Not dead quiet, just keep radios t.v.s, and any other distraction at a minimum. We're going to Imagine, picture if you would, visualize. Imagination is a hell of a thing. We've all got one. We can use it to our advantage, as a tool for any thing we'd like to see happen in our lives. Used regularly, it can assist with attaining what we need. Which is sometimes not the obvious thing, and different for different people.We're gonna do that by sending oxygen to your brain and all over your body which should energize your brain without the jittery nervous energy that comes with chemical assistance of beverages and the like,  no coming down more tired afterwards. We're just harvesting natural energy at our disposal, if we just slow down and respect the body. We should see an increase in our good moods.Seriously. I know it sounds stupid, trust. Try it one time. Ready?
1. You're gonna close your eyes for just a bit.
2. Take a couple (10) deep breaths, in through your nose, out through the mouth.
3. What your looking for is calm, a calm should come over you, with each breath you take. Little by little.
    Okay? when you're done open your eyes.
                                                                         Ready? let's try it. slowly

How did it go? Was it easy? If you didn't fall asleep, your good. If you followed the directions, and you feel it did you good, well great, you just did some meditation. There's many different forms of it, one may just work wonders for you. If nothing else, being able to quiet down the quickening of life these days may get rid of a headache or two.
    Next we're gonna need you to picture, or visualize what happiness means to you. Is it true love? Is it a great job with awesome benefits. Can you picture it? Is happiness in reverse for you? Is it not being fearful, or  not being in fear of something? Well picture the positive of that don't give energy to something negative. Picture yourself and what you look like doing things without a fear, being outgoing and brave. Can you picture this? We'll stop there, okay?
                                            Happiness, what is it?; That is homework...

'nuff about you guys . Let's not get too serious. What is this vampire trend I'm being assaulted by every time I turn on the t.v.? Since when do vampires rule the daytime? That's supposed to be left to Reggis and Kelly and the women at The View (is that still a thing?). Vampires cannot walk in daylight!! Everyone knows that. And did a vampire impregnate someone? Is that what what I'm supposed to pay for? I thought vampires had no blood or sperm of their own and that is why the were always sucking to get at these precious fluids. Smile it's just a movie, but the sun is coming up so...dude, where's my clothes... I gotta get to work...
Do you know NINA?
PS. I truly believe Every single body is such a wonderful miracle and the natural occurrences that go on daily would astound us if we really thought about it. The chemicals our body produces would put a pharmacy to shame. If we just listened to our bodies(sounds hippie-ish I know) and formed some kind of allegiance, instead of always being at war with it (low body image sufferers, myself included). I cannot imagine what people would do with all that energy. Let's try it and see. Until next time.

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