Thursday, September 22, 2011

get some rest REM

      My roommate just told me REM broke up. I never got to see them, they were always too big to go see, I just can't see a band in a stadium. unless it's a big band like Queen or E.L.O.
      What an amazing career these guys have had. From being the alternative little fish, contemporaries to the Replacements and the Violent Femmes, to being the standard all other rock bands are measured against for artistic integrity, longevity and most importantly the music. What sweet sweet music. Not all the songs were Aces (shiny happy people, superman), But who cares when you've got albums and albums of beauty and mystery, yes mystery. There are some mumbled lyrics for sure.

Many have heard the hits, but have you heard the whole album: Automatic for the people?  songs like night swimming and New Orleans instrumental no. 1 and * me kitten. Such sadness and beauty.

Have you ever heard Murmur? I don't wanna say you should, 'cause you should have already. If you are in fact tired of what's being offered to you musically, then ...yes you should, sometime soon and remember it was done in 1983.

 I won't say R.I.P., REM, because you can't keep a band this creative from creating. I will say get some rest and we'll see you soon.

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  1. They're were a pretty solid college radio band, and it's a darn shame that they're breaking up. But in all honestly, they've haven't done anything in a while, so I guess they made it official.