Wednesday, November 9, 2011

North Hollywood Arts Fest This Saturday. Don't forget fellas.

You have so much to be thankful for on any given day, why don’t you smile more little lady ( yes that includes you). Hey everyone hope you are all okay and in the best of spirits and moods. And if that is not the case why not? think about it and see if you can fix it. A friend of mine told me the other day that he thought I drank when I write this. I do not; must be the writing, cause usually I write and vent sometimes when I should just get a drink. I don't like hangovers, tho. I have recently had a lot going on. This tends to put me in a weird space mentally. Gotta let the cabeza (head) breathe, you know. And having recently emerged from a two week cold didn't help. A nose congestion that made me sound like some one to stay away from for sure. I hope nobody gets that cause it's going around. Apparently there is some pretty good over the counter medicines. Wish I'd heard sooner.You hear so much everywhere that you tend to tune it out until someone comes along and you realize maybe if it worked for dear old sleepy time gobbles over there, I might try it. Live and learn.
 I've had the opportunity to let go of bad things this week. That is what it is; an opportunity. A golden opportunity that I'll gladly take and be thankful for.
       I started this post days ago but I've barely begun to feel like myself again. This post lead to other splinter posts that went nowhere. I had so much to say, but it's just as well 'cause it was probably some feverish babble. I do feel bad for not posting this particular one earlier because it's about something really good. Sorry. The North Hollywood street fest is coming! I have to tell you that if you happen to be lost or somebody drove off leaving you in North Hollywood Caleefornia. You’re in luck. Hey even if you wake up everyday and call this city your home, while you sip your frapp-a-chino, you’re in luck. That is if you happen to be in the city on the 12th of November. This Saturday. There's free theater at the many small theaters located very close together.Food, ah, grilled corn, good pizza, drinks. Music.
        As a school field trip once we went to a place called: Bob Baker Marionette Theatre. ( I remember it as a dream, funny since It's kinda of dreamlike even in person. I was a great place to visit in Los Angeles and odd. It always stays with you, though. Then a few years back I went to my first NoHo Arts district fest. It was a street fair of sorts with all sorts of really cool crafts being sold. I had some corn and soda it was pretty nice. As I walked around in the amazing california sun, I stumbled upon what turned up to be the Bob Baker Marionettes themselves performing. Well someone helped them of course. I took some pictures and enjoyed it like I was an 8 year old. You just never know what will happen at these things. I'm not sure what the set up is this year but I'm sure it will be good. There is actual free theater offered by many of the local groups (schedule available at website Don't be a downer, and show up, take your girl, your man, your friend that your not sure what's going on with, but don't stay in just watching the game or tv boring us all. Get out. Let the sun warm you for a bit. There's gonna be booze and free music and food. If you still don't cheer up, there's just no cheering you up at all today, see ya there Saturday.
    If your near a Metro or bus station, and you don't want to drive, well check out my previous post Ride this gettin around on the red line metro. It drops you off right at the center of it all.

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