Tuesday, November 22, 2011

REAL STEEL, the movie. No Dubstep, REELY?

Happy Tuesday all! We're getting close to Thanksgiving everybody. What's up?? anybody scared more that on Halloween? All that family mixing and polite conversation seem like too much to bare? I hear ya. And worse, in some families, the terror is reasonable, to say the least. Some of us, the worst it will get is some relative will ask us with a smirk if we're still not married and roll the eyes (my aunt always had it in for me, sorry I beat up your kid, he had a filthy mouth... like his parents!!!). Anyway...
    Saw REAL STEEL ( I have a weakness for robots, always have, dinosaurs too. Sue me!). Anyhoots. Is there a reason the music to the movie was soooo crappy circa 1997? If this was Rocky with Robots, there was no step climbing theme song, no eye of the tiger. I mean seriously, and having so much music to choose from. With what I imagine a field of knob twiddling up and coming computer virtuosos still living with mom, and just waiting for a chance to come along. Was it really vital to make the soundtrack to the movie set in the future sound awful? Does music that sucks hard, still exist in the Future? Or did it like all musical styles, did bad music make a comeback? Say it ain't so. Were all black eyed peas soundalikes too busy? Did Skrillex or his tribe not have a jittery track just laying about? Nothing was memorable. Was it too much to ask, that the near future have better music?
     I'm no gigantic fan of mechanical noise. I'm not saying that dubstep is a new sound. At it's best it's an element that unites people of a certain age and leaning. But it is so appropriate for this one movie. Some electronic theme song to suggest the future. Oh well, it's just a movie you should see it if you have the time and extra money. If you love robots or Hugh, it's good. Don't forget to not eat too much, you'll feel terrible afterwards. I hope we're all making it happen, to finish this year with a bang, whatever 'it' is. Drop me a line sometime.
But really, no one said "hey guys, maybe we should get one good song for this here movie"? -I'm letting it go.
I'm out of here, dude where's my clothes?

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