Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Boo Everybody. It’s Halloween again, time to bring out the wig and the make-up or pretend you don’t have the wig and make-up right next to you already. As a part of the whole generation of kids who grew up sneaking in to movie theaters and watching scary movies way too graphic for young eyes, I’m no longer scared of things that go bump in the night, and monsters can suck it (for the most part; that Jeepers Creepers thing kinda scares the beejinkis out of me). I won’t go into the beach as carefree as I’d like, but whatever Jaws you can suck it too. Nowadays movies go to the cheap and easy shock tactic by showing you something calm and them quickly following that with something shocking and loud, like a crash resulting in a scary death and graphic prosthetic limbs being torn to bits, not cool man or scary, just loud and fast. Where’s the suspense and playing on our fears of the unknown (remember the first time you watched The Sixth Sense? That was good and not very loud or boring). Don’t just show us Dungeons and people being sawed off, that’s like paying to see an FX specialist show you his inventory of supplies and tricks. Who cares? do something clever with it. Have a story not just a body count and lots o’ blood. Not scary at all, man. That’s boring.
    I would like to in turn share some pretty scary movies that I saw in recent years that did scare me for a few days after I saw them. Like I said monsters don’t do it for me. So I’ve had to take a detour to scaring myself, not that I like being scared or that I’m looking to get scared. I heard this were great movies and they turned out to be some pretty scary movies, quietly scary. Not in the conventional kind of scary. This is the kind of scary that may live a couple of houses down from you without you even knowing it. The kind that is taking place with the quiet neighbor next door. The kind of scary you might find yourself in. These movies scared me by showing the sadness that can happen. The loneliness people can’t seem to shake off and the awful measures some people take to avoid sadness and loneliness and pain. They are pretty sad I should add, but very good. If you don’t like sad, like myself, you may want to stay away. I hear Precious was something like that and I cannot bring myself to watch that much sadness willfully and voluntarily anymore. These particular ones just happen to be sad I did not know or expect them to be.

    The first one I’m going to suggest is Monsters Ball. Now many of you have seen it, Halle won an Oscar for it. But it is a little slow and will make you feel very terrible at times, like a voyeur. I was uncomfortable in my chair so many times. I kept thinking about all the characters for a couple of days after I saw this. So damn good and the best part? It was just a movie, nobody really died. And people can’t be this sad right?

    The second one is In The Bedroom with Nick Stahl and Marissa Tomei as lovers in which not everything is rosy or ends well. Many people made some mistakes that just lead to so much pain it’s scary. It’s so scary to think that love doesn’t conquer all, all the time. Scary people, pain you could almost feel. What more could you ask for? The acting? Wow. Again, so good. You have to see it.Then you'll know what real scary is.

    Hope I was able to help you not rent those stupid movies that should not have been made in the first place that  are not in the least bit scary. But if you insist on the horror type of scary movie may I recommend the Jeepers Creepers set 1 & 2. That damn creature is terrible in it’s insistence. It will not stop. Terrible, terrible f**cking thing where did you come from and why do you terrorize so? Loved it. Or you can watch The Sixth Sense again and just forget the ending. It is that good.

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