Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little about me.

A little about me. I like long walks in short pants. Movie dates that start out with brushing hands and touching knees and end where someone gets their integrity compromised or at least groped. Not on the first date of course.
I’m an able and avid escalator rider. An armchair therapist and a lover of frozen yogurt.  Menchies.

One of the sexiest times with my clothes on had me being invited to dance to a new wave song by a straight drunk guy who insisted I dance with him to this song. He held me by shoulder and was so drunk we were joined at the waists, totally out of sync with the song (we had a rhythm of our own going, wink, wink) and an intense stare that lasted the whole song through. Everybody was too drunk to notice and I was too young to push for some follow through, so… whenever I hear the one song I um…
 and no it's not mambo no. 5
Briefs or boxers? Tell us your favorite to wear or admire.

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