Thursday, October 6, 2011

a lil' about me

This post is dedicated to the late Steve Jobs co-founder of apple computers, who passed away today. I never owned an i pod but I was pretty close. The man changed the game, and his impact will be felt for a fucking long time. To get your feet wet, check out Pirates of Silicone Valley, the movie.

I am reminded of the Voltaire quote: With great power comes great responsibility.

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know- FANBOYS

    If you read yesterdays post, I tried to help visitors or the novice get around Los Angeles using a sensible form of transport that damages the environment a little less and is cheaper : Public transportation, the Red Line, that runs underground in this fair city that is Noho. I think this city is long overdue for a resurgence. It's nice enough and clean enough if you watch your step (ya careless dog walkers!).
     Next,  I'm gonna give the Orange line a stab, a little harder to explain as it goes to Woodland Hills (why?- They have a Best Buy). But it's really cool.

     Here is a song by Band of Horses, don't be one of those people who say "they used to be cool when..." It's a good song, it should stand the test of time. That's what good bands and good songs do, even if their behavior let's you down. Enjoy it, smile, don't be so pissed off all the time, you'll still be cool. I promise.

   I'm gonna tell you all a secret, lately, I cannot go to bed without either a bowl of cereal (I know plenty who can't do it without just the bowl)  of the cap'n crunch's peanut butter goodness , fruit loops which have been tasting pretty good recently and I don't know why I dig special K, the cereal, I just do. I just cannot nod of without one of 'em. My good friend sleepy Joe, not his real name, said I should try a dong, I don't know what that even means, I hope it's not what I'm thinking.
Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13. oh yea.
    I'm gonna tell you guys about my good friend Jose. He is pretty to look at and "chicks dig it" as he likes to say, he prefers it when dudes dig it for sure. I drew him slimmer than he is,he's a little vain, if  he ever sees this.  He's kinda shallow sometimes and I told him so and he seemed to enjoy that. He's a nice guy deep inside but he enjoys being superficial a lot of the time, and flippant. When good things happen he's usually around or not very far. He's also around when bad things happen. I would call him my roommate but that implies that he pays rent regularly. He doesn't. He's always in between jobs. Good thing I live in a shady neighborhood. But, he's as sloppy as me so that makes me feel like I'm not being judged all the time, especially when I sit around and have a Saturday shitty-movie-thon, starring anything with the gentlemanly likes of Jason Stathom, Gerard Butler, Eric Bana and more recently Eddie McClintock in Warehouse 13(see pic). So anyways I mentioned to him that a lot of people read my blog (not quite) and that I was gonna write about him since he's hella funny and we're not involved. I asked him if there was anything he wants you guys to know about him ?  he said sure, " you can all suck it" and he was about to moon me when I walked away telling him thanks and that that is exactly what I'd type up, to which he mumbled something about teabags and sitting and spinning. So there you have it, a little more about me, my good friend Joe because he's always here, whether I want him here or not. He hasn't read a book in years. And if you must know he doesn't mean anything by it and if it's any consolation he's got a pretty good ass for mooning. I've seen it.