Friday, December 16, 2011

ARG! The end of the year

    I'm not freaking out.
What started out as a little project to clear out some stuff has turned into something that is never ending. I intended to help a friend with the "redesigning" of his four average walls and along the way I figured I should update some other things around the apartment and ...I can't stop (sigh). I started organizing the kitchen shelves and have come to include the hall closet shelves, the bathroom shelves, and finally the coat closet shelf. I've started to mess around with the book shelves, a completely different task altogether,  and yet they are all somehow connected.

    How has everyone been? We are approaching the end of the year quickly and this has some folks freaking the eff out. I mean me. I'm freaking the eff out. What other explanation is there for my deciding to fix everything around the apartment. I do mean everything. I have plans for the whole thing and I can't stop. It's the end of the year jitters. Don't worry, everyone things will work out. They always do, you'll see. Hope everyone else is doing better than myself. If you are not doing any better; the same advice applies: don't worry. It will be over soon. And we can all get back to normal. I gotta go dude, where's my pants?
    Here is some New Order 



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