Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is up everybody? Hope all is good with everyone and if it isn't yet, it can be if you can picture what that looks like. Many just don't like where their station in life is at, but don't know what they really want. You gotta see what happy looks and feels like to you. To know what it is when you step in it. It's different for all.
tis the season to ...oh it's not Dec.?
    Every year it's the same thing: Christmas comes too early. Especially in Californi's where there really is no obvious visual environmental cue, as in the falling of the maple leaves or silimar, to signal the coming of fall, or even winter some years. Some years I've been to the beach near thanksgiving and even Christmas one time. Some of us would appreciate the appearance of a fall season. I still haven't put away the disguise I didn't use for Halloween (I was too sick to go out). Instead we are rushed to the mall to the beat of a different drum and season. Proof was in the Burbank mall this past week when I came face to fir as I stumbled out of the merry go round they call a parking structure , and stumbled across this(pictured above). C'mon!! I am pretty sick of it it's no longer funny. Well, a little funny as in I'm not buying useless tokens on some retail schedule. fuck that.
    On a positive note: I've got pics from the NOHO Fest stay tuned.


  1. Thank you for this blog! I hate it when stores start selling Christmas items in October and start decorating in November. I mean really, are we just going to not acknowledge Thanksgiving at all? So please don't decorate before Thanksgiving, let your turkey digest first. XO

  2. For sho. I've still got leftover pie. Not much pie but it's still not all gone. It will be soon, though. I will not decorate before I'm done with the dinner, that includes...the pie. Occupy the malls that decorate too early!!