Thursday, November 10, 2011


Are you ready for the weekend? It's gonna be a good weekend or so they say all over the internet and news. I overheard some little old lady telling her dog this, and a dude wearing a lot a cologne say it really loud on his cellphone while dramatically waving his arms making sure everyone saw that he was very serious, soooo... you might wanna psyche yourself up, you know what I'm saying?It's gonna be good. Ima make some brownies. (And I mean some little fudge cake squares you make from a box, you filthy pirates. arrg).
    I also hear it might rain out here in CALI's (or sprinkle real hard in the case of LA) but don't let that stop your fun. Put on some manly galoshes and get ready to PARTY ( or some color coordinated bathrobe/pajamas and do some furious reading). You can do whatever you like...
    Isn't Carly Simon due for a comeback? What with the emergence of the AM Gold sound with all these new bands." And Nobody does it better...". I know I still have my BREAD and AMERICA records ready to go on my turntable "and OZ never did give nothing to the Tin-man, that he didn't...didn't (c'mon, everybody...woot). Dan Fogelber would be a Jedi.
    Sleepy Joe's been busy, he's remodeling his room. I'm supposed to help him paint, we'll see about that...I want to go see that new stupid movie with that stupid actor so maybe there's a trade in there somewhere. I like a lot of butter on my popcorn too, sleepy time! Love ya tons, guy.
    Fellas don't forget to sign up for google (which you can do from this page), so you can post comments and suggestions on here. We want to hear from you. I understand people from as far as Canada are reading this. Shout out to Canada!!Keep it up. Sorry in the delays but I'll try to make up for it in fun ;-)
  come on you didn't think I wouldn't did you? AM- RADIO GOLD I said.

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