Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12:00 AM Black Friday Sucks

    Shopping has officially been ruined. It's a pretty hard task to to do, but it's been done. Done did as some would say. To ruin such a time honored human experience, for shame. The window shopping experience. I remember it like it was just yesterday like I had my nose pressed to a toy store window like a child out of The Little Rascals. The anticipation of unnecessary purchases during the holidays, without the required time to sleep and process is just inhuman. You can no longer close your heavy lidded eyeballs, tired from shoveling fistfuls of meats and breads (oooooh yea), and dream of candy colored plastic objects and devices that are faster and deliver more pixels and bytes than before. How do we adapt to this type of corporate bullying? I'll never know. I don't know what to fucking do!!! I guess I'll occupy all whorish stores that have no respect for their workers, who have no choice in being there at midnite or not (Unemployment is not a choice). I do know that I'm just not going any-fucking-where  at MIDNITE after a day full of roman style gorging. Kiss my...
    That's just bad news (Target and all else involved or planning to...). Be prepared for some real human drama to drop, and possible smelly clean-ups in aisles 1-24.
    Dude, where's my clothes? let me get out of this one.

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