Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How's your environment?

You wouldn't hear a thing except the gentle breeze for a long while. 


  Now as some of you have heard. We are at a scary point in our planets future, as far as the environment is concerned. I don’t know how true this is. I’m not a scientist.
  I remember once upon a time going to the park and there not being so much trash everywhere. The beaches were not the scary places they are now. People did not fear beaches. I clearly remember liking the beach, getting wet at the beach and enjoying it. The last time I went to the beach the people I was with feared getting sea water on them as if they might catch something from it. That is so fucked up. Even more fucked is that I could not assure them they would not as I have known people who got a rash immediately after going in the water. Now that is fucked up for any place that has the fortune of being located near the sea. That this is Los Angeles, is just unacceptable.
     I’ve devised and followed a plan that may or may not work. The most important thing being that I do it with a smile. I just pick up some trash anywhere I go. I don’t know about anyone else except the people out there that get involved in cleaning up their beaches. I’d like to think that I saw some random person do it and I just copied it because I‘m not that original. I think that is a good policy for anyone to have and teach. Kids pick up and emulate all the time. If your kids see you pick up trash that is not yours and not complain about it but giving thanks for a chance to visit the beaches and parks still available to us, I just know kids notice stuff like that. Kids also do letter writing to congress as they get older so don’t be afraid of that either.
    I’m just thinking that I don’t know how much time is left on this great earth of ours and we should enjoy it as much as possible, right? and pick up some trash as you leave. It can’t hurt you. If you can do it with a smile it becomes contagious, people think it might be fun, and not court ordered.

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