Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello everyone!!!                                             
and Hello Winter!!!

A special hello to everyone who took all the necessary steps to have a very blessed and happy set of Holidays (sometimes you have to, and that may include serving virgin eggnog, in plastic cups only, yes... just like at a concert). A big bravo to those that haven't said a mean thing that they will regret soon enough. To those that that haven't fucked up royally (the only way it's done during the Holidays), by yelling in front of relatives, guests and friends something shockingly mean to someone else, even if they fucking had it coming (unless you'd been planning on it or set it up for maximum effect, in which case you get a different kind of shout out you silly silly DRAMA QUEEN lovinya).
   But even if you did or didn't fuck up yet, there's still some days left, you know. Even if you did fuck up: So What?? Give yourself a break. Get and give some hugs, it's just another day. Tomorrow, we'll show them. It's cold here so let me get my pants on.

I'm gonna leave you with a gift of cold sonic lullabies . The Band: COCTEAU TWINS.
                                                                                  The Album: Treasure

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