Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November November

What the hell happened? I was getting ready for Halloween when all of a sudden BAM (Big Chef Emeril Lagasse style) I came down with some sinus thingy that seemed like allergies until it culminated  This weekend with me in bed ,achy and in a feverish marathon of Healthy cops solving murders and tons of fluids and flu medicine. You see it turns out all cable chanels had at some time over the weekend a marathon of their cop shows. And that was all I had the strength to focus on. It was manly awesome and weird. It was an endless parade of late nite sweats (not the good kind) and one bloody corpse after another (from the cop shows). I woke up and it was November, damn it! Oh well there's always next year to dress up or any given day I feel like dressing up  and having a drink right? why cry over spilled milk...So lets give thanks to all the healthy cops keeping us safe on the television sets around the  world, Okay?
First and foremost lets give it up (and why not, right?) to Chris Meloni on  SVU. For years he's been bringing us manly justice and due punishment. You might also know him from HBOs OZ a few years back he's pretty good awright...

Next up is Tony Dinozzo, on NCIS He's played by Michael Weatherly, he plays goofy smart guy to Mark Harmons' Jethro Gibbs, on this team. He can play anything he wants, I guess, who's gonna say no?

Finally it's CSI's turn and the men that solved so much in such a short amount of time.Gil Grissom Older distinguished gentleman season 1-9 was played by no nonsense manly actor William Pettersen, seen here doing the rock on sign, and playing the role of young hunk cop is George Ead playing Nick Stokes. So much got solved over this Halloween weekend with all the cop show marathons I just might start watching regularly, right?
Stay healthy San Diego

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