Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Nov. 26

    No more about Dubstep, I've been getting too much feedback about this one. Many people think it all sounds the same, not true, some times there's a noodle and sometimes there's a screech. so no more...for now.

Happy Freakin' Saturday all. Hope you survived Friday, or as it shall be known from now on TGI-black-F. Hope you didn't get into a fight on a toy aisle. Hope you didn't have to get your child a toy that is in limited supply and very expensive. Hope your child doesn't find it vital to have a toy that is in limited supply and very expensive (it helps if you keep 'em away from kids that do find that to be true, peer pressure folks, just say no).
Hope you didn't get pepper-sprayed while reaching for a sweet bargain at an ungodly hour. Hope you got some sleep. All in all: Hope your happy. But take a breather if your not, think about why not, we won't judge you. We're alive let's rejoice.
    Now, are you ready for December? It's coming, but don't fret none. We'll get through it together. Unless we don't in which case there's no use worrying about it okay? We'll be fine. Trust.
    If you live in Los Angeles and even if you don't thanks to the inteweb, you may have seen Thursdays LA Weekly. It's got a cover story of the big one. For my roomate that only means one thing and it's dirty! For the rest of us Angelenos it means The big impending earthquake.
Experts have been talking about it for years because we are located near the ring of fire and on San Andreas Fault line  (no,Not the bar). We're supposed to get it good. And according to the article the first fifteen minutes after the quake will be crucial, because everyone will be left to their own devices for that period. I don't believe in scaring people for no reason. I'm a big subscriber of people not living in fear and all that. But this is LA and we do have quakes so: PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE WATER SET ASIDE. Or please make sure you do this weekend and stash it for the future. Your future. You never know even if we never have a big earthquake again, you still may need water for some other emergency. You never know

Here's some haha for you. Louis CK. damn good next to any current comedian.

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