Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey hey hey It's Thanksgiving eve and many people are doing many things. Some will be eating up a storm tommorow, others will be spending quality time with loved ones, they haven't seen in a while, and eating up a storm. Many will be spending a quiet night alone, by choice, having some wine or coffee, thanking the heavens for some peace and quiet. Others will also be spending the day alone, not by choice, but for inability to socialize well, and anxiety about being around too many unkown people. May I suggest you take a deep breath, and jump right in to anxiety and make it your friend? Chances are if fear and anxiety plague you during this Holiday and others, then you may have anxiety and fear very often. In which case do not allow it to dictate to you where and what you do. Instead, make it your friend, your 'plus one'. Plan to take a little more time catching your breath before entering a crowd, and go around introducing yourself to people you don't yet know, while your 'little friend' tags along. I occasionally ask why I am fearful of particular situations or specific scenarios, sometimes I get answers (eye-opening revelations, yea sometimes), mostly I just become comfortable with my own thoughts and fears. They usually lessen in intensity, when I become comfortable. They don't dictate my life as much. I have difficulty with people I don't know, often my shyness coming off as rudeness. I have to make the effort to not isolate, because that comes easy to me. I try to scedule stuff that doesn't make me a hermit. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a great day today, a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and remember to seriously be thankful for what you have. If you aren't happy with what you have, picture/visualize what is it that would make you happy. Most importantly why would those things make you happy specifically. You may surprise you. Lastly I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to mingle and br in good company, because there are thise that do not have people to mingle with. People that lost their people. I wish you guys peace, now and always-manwasIdrunk

What have you guys got planned for tomorrow and thos weekend? I will be rocking out all weekend. Well I will be playing music and lots of it! While I continue cleaning out my belongings. Guess what guys? I also have a lot of hats. Oh my. I have got to let go of a bunch of those, as they take up a lot of apace. But I will be rocking out as I do this. Seriously how many hats can one wear?wootwoot!

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