Tuesday, November 4, 2014





I think I forgot to mention to you guys that I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. Did I? -I most certainly did! I spent Halloween in Vegas. I had an amazing time! Myself and a couple of friends drove there. I didn't have the money for it,frankly, but every once in a while you have got to just run with it. The opportunity presents itself and life keeps going. I was witness to a gaggle of Johny Depps. Pirates Johny, Edward Scissorhands Johny, it was funny as you can imagine, then seeing them all go separate ways; priceless. I was't sure but I think I saw a J-Lo Johny Depp, I dont know, some people are very creative and I would say he was more J-Lo than Johny. We saw sooo many Waldos (of 'where is Waldo?' fame). I saw two 'Ziggy Stardust' Bowies. One homemade costume, one prefab, store-bought. Both were quite a surprise. Who would seek a store bought prefab Bowie? I dunno, but it exists. I saw women (female) KISS costumes, A HANGOVER Zack, tons of Batman, Batmen, various and creative Riddlers. It was insane. We had done Las Vegas for Halloween before, and were happy we could do it again. We were dissapointed by the turnout last year of trick or treaters, about 25, total, all night. This year was more fun. How did it go for you guys? Did you get a lot of candy? Are we ready for the rest of the Hollidays?, I told you they will come fast and loud, so let's get ready. Today is today, tomorrow is another day and we will take them as they come. Election results come in tomorrow, let's wait until then to tie our shoes on and see how our day will go. manwasIdrunk


Election day TODAY, I still get a bit of the apathy from folks that insist voting does no good. They seem to not have an alternative to a democratic election, and appear to just want to justify their apathy and indifference. I get so excited by all the new and newer possibilities for social participation that I almost pee'd myself, this election. Actually I did...a little. No, no I didn't,.even though I am quite sure a few of you got aroused by the idea o-O. I did, however, and do get very excited by the possibilities. All we have to do is focus. I hope this week is a tremendous week fellas, bringing good in many aspects to you all. This week is in full force, and we can expect no let up for a while. So get some sleep and drink plenty of water, are you ready?


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