Sunday, November 9, 2014


What is happening, my taquitos? It is Sunday and a new week is begining tonight.TONIGHT. Are we ready? Is everything laid out and in a 'play' position? I am so looking forward to this week. I am still looking for work, fyi. If you guys know of anybody who needs a dancer-extraordinaire, a singer/songwriter, with a desire to launch a clothing line that peddles the color olive drab. (Picture this: pants; cargo, dress slacks, denim, all in a shade of dark olive drab?-great, right?), anybody looking looking for a spanish-english translator, one that has a creative streak when it comes to what constitutes correct and proper English/Spanish? I consider it an art. Anybody looking to hire a super-model in the making? I am sooo available. Hit me up on FACEBOOK, as soon as I get an account, I will let you know :-| --I hope you guys are as half as excited to begin the new as I am. manwasIdrunk.

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