Sunday, November 30, 2014


Chillaxin' With Sergio And Dylan!

Chillaxin' With Mikey And Doc Roberts!

Hey hey hey my little turkey tacos! I would formally like to take this moment and say WHAT'S UUUUP!! It is Sunday and we made through a good week. Hopefuly you pushed yourself into social situations that made you ultimately stronger, just because you didn't shy away like a delicate wall flower (my nickname all through community colleges-explanation; I did not attend, I just walked by to hear people yelling this from windows). Hope you got to see people you missed throughout the year. I hope it all went peachy. I am still having restless nights. Very peculiar feeling. I used to suffer from sleep deprivation all the time, then I began pushing myself to discover what drives my restlesness and late night anxieties. I have been taking some medication that maybe, is the culprit. I will wait a week to see if my recent changes in sleep patterns dissipate. In the meantime I am a little tired and a lotto grumpy. Tomorrow is Monday! Are you guys ready?-manwasIdrunk

Here's To You, Justin!
Scottish Bear!

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