Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hello there my sweet and tender hooligans, it is the weekend. I am cleaning today. It is time. I took down curtains, and bedstuff. I am heading down to the laundromat and cleaning house. I will do windows before the day is over. The dust is due out of here. I have got to begin to get ready for the end of the year, by firstly cleaning up. I have got so many old magazines and t-shirts I no longer wear, that their time has come to find better homes and/or be recycled. I get that I feel some of the things covered in these magazines are/were very important to me. Now we will apply these things learned; homelessness and its roots or solutions, political apathy, racial divides, OMG, so much to do, so much going on. Before we know it we got another election on our ballots, let's clean up!! At least least begin cleaning up. -manwasIdrunk

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