Tuesday, November 11, 2014





omg chiquitos taquitos I will absolutely WILL clean out my garage space tonight. I will separate all (well probably not ALL) the things that need to go away. Things that want a new life. Things like any enormous Christmas decoration I haven't used in 2 years; vámonos! ( as my good friend sleepyjoe used to say) Any Fall/Autumn decoration not used in two years; vámonos! as well. I will keep any of the smaller crafts, like wooden, or carved items that I might use, but even then I will monitor to assure that they are being used, if not; vámonos!, as well. I will streamline my belongings to things that I truly want to care for and lug around. I don't need so many of the things I make room for now. I don't want so much stuff around me. I spend most of my time on the internet, anyhow, I might just start posting pictures of things that I own or used to own, as I continue to recycle them, releasing them, letting them live in my own little cloud, indefinately. That is what I am feeling today, tommorow?, well that is another day. We cross that bridge when we get there. I am doing pretty good. A little tired but good. I have energy enough to clean, though. Get ready for some incredible picture postings!! ps: I still am working on my singing career, just waiting on a decent microphone, to capture the awesomeness. manwasIdrunk




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