Monday, November 24, 2014


How low will he go?

Today I have brought the recipe for my world famous doughnut holes and coffee. Now a lot of people saw many things wrong with the idea that I do not make these doughnut holes, in the 'doughnut hole and coffee recipe'. It is true that I did not make the doughnut holes, I did however brew the coffee, and provide the company, both of which are pivitol in this recipe, Okay how about we scrap this as a recipe and instead file it under "instructions on having a great morning with friends"?- that way we'll both feel better. Okay then, we will need a batch oh doughnut holes, procured from your favorite organic open air farmers market, or favorite doughnut shop. Normally I have regular coffee with mah donut-holes, but I obtained this delicious 'gourmet' blend of the same brand I usually buy, and let me tell you; yummers. I can actually taste the difference. I love this coffee! So listen, normally I like to eat my doughnut holes in solitude, so as to not be judged by the noises I make when eating these aaaall up. Ha Ha! (up top my noisy moaning eaters!). But let's begin being more social, and this is a perfect situation to share with some one you haven't seen in a while. Your one neighbor that you don't despise, but still avoid, invite him over or invite yourself in. Don't stay too long to become unwelcome, but finish them holes and make some polite chatter. Then try to pencil some kind of get-together soon. You both need to get out anyways, right? Perfect socializing, done. Hey you finally might get company to watch all those Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson movies you love so much,maybe... you'll never know until you get the energy and nerve to leave your room. Yay-manwasIdrunk


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