Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today is so oooon! Saturday is here everybody! Don't let it get away without doung somethig specracular! How are we doing money-wise? Are we good, or are we worried about the quickly arriving holidays? If you are worried about having enough money to buy gifts for everone you know, because you essentially do not make enough money to have money to buy gifts for eveyone you know. First of all sorry, as someone who has been there and at this time is there once again, what are you gonna do? the economy?-However, good fortune will come soon to you, I am sure of it. Secondly Maybe you should shift the focus away from buying gifts to making gifts for the people you love and care for? It is something I enjoyed doing all along as they mean more to me when I gift something I made, and they were perfect gifts when cost became an issue. I can afford to make things far more easily than buying the equivalent of my feelings for someone. You dont have to rattle your brain trying to figure out what to make to gift people, it can be anything you're good at, music, woodworkings, knittings, drawing, painting, baking, anything! This is when having a hobby pays off, or if you ever wanted to learn a trade or craft and took a class, this is a perfect time to practice your skills. Or it can be something, as easy as a handmade card. The only limut is the one you set for yourself. Just get a scheduled calender and write down how many gifts need to be made by what date and for whom. That way the holidays won't sneek up on you. I went on a walk had some coffee, now I am getting ready to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day, STAY HYDRATED.It's Saturday!! - manwasIdrunk.

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