Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel TEARS FOR FEARS- Wednesday
I have been doing better than good, I wish the same for you, hamigos! Yes, I need more money to get by on a day to day basis, but I am not starving, I am not homeless, and most importantly I have my health. All things are possible! (and...IT'S ON!). Let's not get down on ourselves, let's not focus on our financial woes, and instead let's get creative when thinking about ways to increase our income and focus on that. Let's all focus on ways to increase our incomes, twofold!, while being thankful that we have our health. Giving thanks during a fifteen minute workout, followed by full glass of water (Stay hydrated y'all!). Now have you all been thinking about what to give your loved ones for the hollidays?- Don't stress about it; hollidays are a time to be joyfull and in good company. I stand by my suggestion of making gifts, if you have the slightest inclination. I know I don't need another nice and luxurious sweater, that while very nice to have, very seldom worn. I could use another watch, but that's like some people with shoes (there are never enough, damnit!). I wouldn't want to put someone out, eapecially when if they attempted to handmake me a card, it might have more of an impact on me. Just sayin'- manwasIdrunk dippinfan:

I know…I hate those military regulation mustaches, too. But the dudes are hot.
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