Monday, November 10, 2014


Alright my brochachos, I got some cleaning done. I will be honest I didn't know I had so many t-shirts. I do not need or use nearly enough shirts to warrant my surplus in the t-shirt dept. I pulled a half box of shirts to be recycled. 'RELAX! don't do it' shirt is gladly not in there. I am not crazy,.I still wear that one! (What up Holly Johnson!) Shout out from manwasIdrunk! Just kidding I am too young to remember any of that era. I was a baby. o_O. That is not a challenge to find any pictures of manwasIdrunk, drunk and wearing an obnoxious t-shirt trying to look cool. I have way too many of those myself, thanks, though. I will recycle this week, however. My next goal is: magazines. Letting go of those George Michael (not the one from Arrested Developement) magazine covers will hurt me tons, but they have to go. Just kidding they're Duran Duran covers. No, they are not. They are actually worse: Arcadia magazine covers (a DuranDuran spinoff, that were waay prettier than the other D2 spinoff: Powerstation; but not as succesful or riff oriented). But when it's time to embrace the new times it is time. Whose as hot as them folk now, fellas?- Stone Temple Pilots? N' Sync? Backstreet Boys? I gotta get on it. manwasIdrunk

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