Sunday, November 16, 2014


Have you guys been thinking about handmaking gifts for your loved ones? Sounds like fun, right? I am telling you, my little meximelts, it is absolutely the way to go, giftgiving wise, if you want to save a little money, if you want your gifts to be a little more personal, than what is offered on store shelves, or if you have developed a great talent for making things that people are drawn to when they see them... or taste them. Can you make jams, or jellies? Pickles? - I, personally, love to recieve a handsigned pickling jar, with pickled cucumber or any other vegetable... wow. They are so difficult to make! It goes without saying, to people around me, that they are safe in getting me any homemade foodstuff as a gift. First of all: it's food. Secondly; it's food. I drool. Cakes, cupcackes, a bunch of cookies, brownies OMG I am making myself hungry here, trying to explain something. That something is this: handmaking gifts for people you care for is so gratifying, that once you make people gifts, simply buying gifts is just not enough. Not even close. You realize why food made by people who love you tastes so good: it is made with love and the best intentions. manwasIdrunk

I just dig giving people stuff I make for them with them in mind. I feel so good while I'm making it, wrapping it, and finally delivering it. Likewise when I receive a handmade gift. It is so precious, to me. TOTALLY PUNKROCK!! D.I.Y. (even when I put the bow). I love it. So If you're thinking about it go ahead jump right in, do it! Don't be afraid of what people will think of you, or whether they will like your gift. If you made it with your hands and the individual cares about you, they will love it. Unless they are a heartless materialisic monster with their intestines put in backwards and upside down, then your loved one is a weirdo (and you can do so much better). Go ahead get your hands dirty! That's what they invented soap for. keep shining-manwasIdrunk.

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