Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jimmy Fallon/Jim Gaffigan-Thursday

The day that is midweek is here!! Are you all having a good go at it? I know I was almost latè for work, today I ran in hair blowing in the wind, messy as can be, but I made it!. I have been keeping busy with the cleaning and going through my belongings and thinking about old friendships. It's a surprise I wasn't even later to work. But I am doing really good and feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment. That is always so satisfying. I wish you guys a good day and a glorious rest of the week. Glorious. That means not average, that means you jump on life like it were a bucking bronco and go on the ride of your life!, then get ready for work the next day, because that is how we do.-manwasIdrunk

"It's like I'm curating an exhibit of my weight gain"

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