Thursday, November 20, 2014



    I know some of you, my taquitos, get especially anxious during the holidays. I know, I know, sharing time with relatives and old friends is not the fun thing of Christmas cards and television specials. For some, quite the opposite about gatherings; it triggrrs sweaty palms, crumbly tumblies, and sleepless nights. Will your gifts be enough and good enough?, more importantly will you be good enough? What will you wear? Who will you take? What will they all say and think? I know, I know. Not to worry, I got this...ready? --You will never be good enough in your idealized picture of you and your life. While sadly, you may never be good enough in the eyes of some of your 'loved ones', that is more about them than you. You can hope to change that but ultimately it is up to the individual. The rest of your loved ones don't see anything wrong with you, and would love the opportunity to spend more time with you. Your gifts are good enough, the main thing you have to work out is the ability you develop for accepting yourself when you carry around this idealized version of you- Forgetaboutit!! you will never be good enough, fuck idealizing, good thing thing for you is that you have all the time in the world to get to know you and accept yourself and all your quirky imperfections. You have you, and always there will be you. There is no one else like you, it's true, good or bad. You are you and it is these 'imperfections' that make you "you". Your deep love of the color purple, dirty lymerics, mudding, gin and tonics, combined with the mean streak that is set off by any type of bully imposing their will over everyone else. You are you; embrace it. Get over it, learn to love being you. Get over it, we are not perfect, none of us. Not even close. We are temperamental, emotionally driven, sometimes petty, and often times smelly little organisms that are changing our environment faster than anyone could have imagined, that goes for all of us. From the prettiest supermodel to the most valuable CEO, smelly little organisms that have trouble controlling their impulses. But that also means that if you don't take yourself too serious and just appreciate yourself for who you are, you get to see that we are all more similar than different. We all have an opportunity to be happy, if you allow yourself. This season was not designed especially to irk you, or make you blue. It can really can be a time of joy. So many people are happy that you can and should get happy by proxy. It's a free high, of sorts. Like hanging around enough potheads(I do), your bound to get a contact high (yep, I do), if not an actual high. Don't resist it and 'hate' the holidays. Get around enough giggly happy people that, you actually have fun. Don't take away their happiness by poo-pooing on this, their favorite time of the year. Revel in their happy times, eat their cookies for crying out loud! You just may find it to be like holidays of old, with hot chocolate, tinsel and shit. Unless the holidays never were that, in which case now that you are running your life, totally indulge and make that the reality for yourself this time. Buy tinsel and string lights in whatever color you want and chuck them everywhere and anywhere you like. This is your life. Claim it. Happy Holidays, ya'll! Let's make this time, like all times, something worth being alive for. Make these moments, count. And for goodness sakes whether you decide to be alone or surrounded, allow yourself to be happy. Don't deny yourself this great opportunity, that surrounds us during this time of year. The beautifully gaudy and glittzy decorations that ooze out of any display window, and apartment building that can afford colored paper YAY. Being happy is better for your health, so do us a favor, eh?, but for realz, eh? smile-manwasIdrunk!

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