Friday, November 14, 2014


I was woken up 2 hours before my alarm went off this morning and I am groggy/tired/sleepy today. I have drank enough coffee to kick me into action, and then some. We shall see, perhaps come midnight I will be fully awakened and in middle of twenty different activities. o.O What is up my pupn'tacos, how goes it? I hope you are all doing just peachy keen (is that a thing?). I know I have been running myself 7 and the ragged tiger (hey alfie in SD). I have got a job interview coming up and we ('we' being possible employer and myself), will size each other up and see if we can work out a schedule and pay rate that suits us both. Hopefully it's an employees market, it is, right? I am still working my way through my closet and bins of old clothing to recycle my woes away. How are you guys doing? Working out much? Getting enough exercise? How about water? How us your water intake? I have improved this passed summer and at the very least drink 3 quarts of water, a day. It is easy because of the heat, it will be an issue as it gets colder, because all I want to drink is coffee, all day, everyday. Guys you all need to drink plenty of water, it is so important to keeping your personal vessel; machina, your body in great health. I cannot stress how important water is at maintaining you free of toxins that we consume daily whether we are aware of it or not. Your body is a miracle of a machine that self-regulates and has automatic self preservation encoded into it. Water is it's main component, so let's feed it water so it can continue to self regulate and rid itself of any unwanted organisms. Drink plenty of water, y'all. manwasIdrunk.

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