Monday, November 3, 2014

you don't have to be drunk/high to have a good time-Monday



oh snapz!! It's Monday my chalupas!, how did we do this past weekend? That one came with a crack! and a whip! and it left me with a rumbling of my tummy. Ow, too ...much... Halloween. That 's what happens when you eat candy like an unattended 5 year old...and drink beer like a thirsty homebody left at a houseparty bar! also unnattended. Woot woot! I hope you guys had at least 2 tons of fun! It's okay to party once un a while, I just can't and won't do it all the time. I cannot and will not. Do not let any amount of billboards and commercials convince you otherwise, some people cannot and should not drink. But don't feel bad if you are one of the cannot or should not, this is manwasIdrunk! not manIamsodrunk! Funny note*I could not do manwasIdrunk! if I was drunk. The amount of chemical altering substances you can ingest, should not dictate how much fun you have or are or how voluminous your PARTY gets. Remember you don't have to be a sloppy drunk to have a fucking awesome time! I said that. We will not pressure you here, I will leave that to conservative lawmakers (oh snapz, again).


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