Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Fight is about to erupt
USN challenging USMC


What will u do for half a donut?
Here boy here ya go


       Porn time        

'Sup? 'sup? What izz uuupp?!?!? how are you all doing? Did you get scared when I didn't post anything night before last, my chiquitos taquitos? Did you think "well all his complaining about the metro and minimum wage finally got him shut down"? Not to worry, while I still have internet (spotty and unreliable, I might add) connection I will continue to post unless I outright specify I'M DONE. Which I would only do to focus on my singing and dancing, full time. If I do cease to post without warning, then perhaps you might notify the BLOGGER admin. to reinstate my account please. Because I wouldn't stop without warning, just FYI, out of a courtesy to you all for reading manwasIdrunk.


I have managed to order a microphone to further my career in the music biz out here in LALA, beyond my usual 'special guest backing vocals' to my favorite cds. This microphone or mic (as we in the misic biz call it, pronounced Mike o-O), is to be plugged into a computer. The drivers on any device being plugged into a computer via usb connection need to be recognized or downloaded and installed in order for device to operate properly. That is what I spent an evening trying to achieve. I finally found, downloaded and installed drivers for microphone, only to not have it work. After several attempts and troubleshooting a while. I went to bed, hoping a clear head would renew me motivation and I would start again, because I am no quitter. Okay, I may have been a quitter before sometimes (...most times), but that is not me anymore. I will not be that way again. I do not follow that work ethic any longer. I follow a task to completion when nobody else cares whether I finish or not. So I woke up refreshed and turned on my computer only to find I had no internet connection. I could no longer troubleshoot at will. I was stuck and I was running the rest of the day to and from work. I got home finally only to confirm that something was really wrong with my connection, nothing was being recognized, no ports, or internet connection drivers. That is how I came to have no internet for yesterday. I got home yesterday and proceeded to uninstall my heart out and re-install only the programs I recognized. I turned my computer off and then only awhole day had gone by, but I had connection!! So to everyone out there Whats uuuup!!!manwasIdrunk glad to be back.


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