Friday, October 3, 2014


You know what? I fugured all the changes in schedule, even a schedule given out weeks in advance,which btw is rare, will affect your daily habits. Just an fyi. If you seem to be having issues with diet and sleep maybe it's linked to the schedule you are keeping, the irregular, schedule you are keeping. Working late one day then working early the following day just seems to affect almost eveything in my day. My eating habits are affected, my sleep schedule is altered, which futher alters my eating patterns. I just realized how much an inconsistent work schedule stresses out a person, no wonder I am eating crappy fast food and caffeinated/corbonated beverages. I have little choice... if I am not prepared. I have begun to shop for meals that easily are ready to eat. I have begun to pay close attention to the versatility of a protein (say a grilled chicken breast, versus a chicken soup/gumbo). One can be served on a bread as a sandwich, diced, in a salad, frozen without much consequence. The other has to be consumed pretty quickly, and in a bowl. It is not as versatile. The same decisions are reached with beef etc. I am working on getting some healthy sides for the go, also. I am getting this handled. how you all doing? It's the weekeeend.-manwasIdrunk.

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