Sunday, October 12, 2014



Public transportation. Oh for sure we can improve a form of transportation that was deemed out of style, when the introduction of the personal automobile was about to change the world. Guess what?? Good news everybody, THE WORLD IS FOREVER CHANGED. We did it!! (sure I will include myself when dispensing generalized props) Now let's reintroduce the train, the bullet train and the ever icreasing in popularity speed of light train ( I, personally, cannot get enough of it). Let's encourage bus ridership, carpooling, bikeriding and good ole walking. We have done quite a number on our shared environmental surrondings, it's true. I do not know whether it is permanent or not. I hope not. I belieive we can however, turn back time (oooh yeea, I am swaying my long locks in the style of my favorite Armenian: Cher [favorite,next to the old man from THE STRAIN, of course]). I do in fact believe we can repair our environment, or at the very least become a more social people, and stop a lot of the pollution we produce by overusing fossil fuels. Do not get me wrong, a lot of rich people do not want this. We've known this for quite some time. Their ever increasing wealth depends on us buyin what they're sellin. These are different times now. I believe it is not up to them. They need to start selling something else, something we really want, or retire from the buying/selling business. Have you tried selling us peace of mind? I'd buy that! If we simply start doing certain things, and stop doing other things. We can affect so much.
That is my actual definition of the word CHANGE: people doing one thing instead of another. How we perceive things is a very big and important part of change. If we think we are all powerful beings, guess what? we start acting like it. If we start accepting that any problem that arises can be solved, then guess what...? If we start accepting that we are all more similar than different? that's right we start acting that way. If we start accepting that we are getting more and more crowded; then modifying our social behaviors and attitudes accordingly, We should be good to go (tight, solid, golden, fabulous). We are becoming closer so act accordingly. It sounds simple enough, right. It is a great thing that we live longer thanks to medical developments. We are better, stronger, faster. It would qualify as a miracle what we, the human race, has achieved in such short a time. We are all miracles! We may not believe it, we may have gotten the wonder knocked out of us, but as an adult, it is up to you to get back your wonder for the world. Get it back. It is true; that we have lived untill now is a miracle. So much could have extinguished us, individually and as a species, but here we are.Let's take advantage of these facts. Let's be wonderful. I believe that if you really want something, and you really go after it, there is no stopping you.Public transportation is the begining, just a blip, the tip of the iceberg Are you ready? .-manwasIdrunk

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