Tuesday, October 14, 2014



I was thinking about how fun it would be if you had a visiting relative and you gave them a tour of the city. It occured to me because I have a friend who does happen to have a visiting relative and they were going to do an amazing tour of Los Angeles. I mean the works. I thought it would be a fun twist (and anyone could do this to any visiting relative that is from a country that does not celebrate Halloween, the way we do). If their tour included nothing but scary theme parks. Knotts Berry Farms, Universal studios, The Queen Mary, and countless haunted houses and haunted hay rides. Their numbers growing every year, they must be doing something right, right? -scaring the daylights out of us every October. I think it would be funny as can be "OMG! sure October is agreat time for your visit. I can barely wait to have you visit Universal Studios" cut to a terrified relative wearing a fanny pack being slowly and creepily followed by a machete wielding individual with a hockey mask, dressed as Jason. Every night of the week could be different. But every night would be memorable! Sadly my friend did not think my idea so great. So I will have to be the individual that will dress up as Jason and creepily appear before the relative at random places and times. I am concerned that their visit may not California-Fabulous enoughgh.So I will volunteer to scare them. GLADLY.I just want them to have a real California experience. Can you blame me? You cannot come to the land of movie studios and miss out on a movie experience. Scary movie terror. And they can always go home and say: I swear I got chased by Jason!



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