Thursday, October 30, 2014

BLAKE GRIFFIN - Conan -Thursday







                                                       ooh SLAPPY BOBBO                    

Oh oh it seems the weekend is here and costumes are being taken in for last minute fittings, final touches being applied with make-up 'for men only'. High heels are being given a last test run; for agility, for speed. You know those drag races have super slippery tracks. I have been busy. Hardly a minute of rest which is why I like to relax watching BLAKE GRIFFIN. Is it me or does he have one of the best shaped faces in the world? THE WORLD. He's like 12 feet tall and amazingly well proportioned for that height. I can watch him for hours. Talk, talk, talk, play,play, play and then talk some more. His face is just . . . I am just left speachless at times. There is nothing abnormal about my extreme admiration for his face because I never really think about him. I don't watch a lot of sports, so yea. He then, however, makes an appearance on a television show or is on the cover of a magazine; then I do the double-take 'zoinks!!' IS THAT BLAKE GRIFFIN??- knowing full well it's BLAKE GRIFFIN. How is it that people don't all agree that his face is a work of art. Masculine, yet, smooth and soft (I feel the same way about 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON -what up DEWAYNE? - when is the next movie?) Statuesque. His face! his face is apparrantly designed by the greatest of engineers. It is composed of long solid planes softened by the curves of his cheeks. It is almost horse-like (inagoodway). It's so fucking unique (inagoodway).All I am going to say is: AMAZING. We'll leave it at that. Enough about that,( whew! did it get hot in here or what? -darn!) Any hoot, Are you all ready for the weekend? If you weren't before maybe you are now. Get to gettin'!- manwasIdrunk


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