Saturday, October 11, 2014



I forgot my watch today and I feel nekid. So it is hot enough to have a barbeque. I personally have never understood that logic: "It's so hot let's start a fire!" However, since cooked meats are available, and beverages usually provided, I have never missed one I was invited to. I have even elbowed my way into a few I was not invited to with the pretext of being worried "what is going on here? Is everything all right? Does that potato salad have olives?...whaaat? no way" I am sorry for the rest of the country that does not have this amazing weather, but we do have to put up with a lot more bs and idiots that are full of bs, all attracted to the hot weather.

Yes, I think we can improve on public transportation. I am aware that there are different goals when we speak of public transport. Some people do not want public transport to have a route through their neighborhood. Oh how true. Some people do not want busses stopping on their block. They may not want the bad element associated with a stop that brings people into their neighborhood then quickly wisks them away, into the dark night, right? That is not how we do things out here in LALA. That is not how we maintain our growing urbanization, our population growth (not disputed here) and our leadership in this modern world; this quickly evolving world. Truth is, people coming in and out of your neighborhood at night or in the dark of early morning more than likely live on your block. We don't all have the same incomes, or are at the same stations in life. We are not afforded the same stability in our lives at the same time. Some people live in the best houses even, but may be experiencing hard times, or a recovery from drug/alcohol abuse, the loss of a significant economic contributor. They may be the victim of the economic downturn. They mayvtake a second job to pay off debts. They may not have the advantage of advanced shooling. For whatever reason, these individuals come and go on public transport because their jobs require them to come in at 4:00 am to clean offices. They must leave home as you may be gettin be getting ready to snuggle up and watch watch a late show. They might barely be clocking in at midnight to tidy up a hotel room, for visting businessmen, that is a job. Securing a building from whatever buildings are secured against, zombies, karate-practicing-robots? dunno, but they're working some odd hours, these folk, it too, is a job. Why? I don't know. I cannot begin to know. But I do know that we need to make sure they get to work and back home again safe. These neighbors that we don't see are still our neighbors. If something were to happen, we would still need to assist each other. They might be the link that saves us from a vampire-virus. You never know. We have got to start thinking outside of our safe little boxes. Its a big, big world and we need to engage it, not fear it. Not just react against it. What might look like a foreign situation i.e. economic struggle, public transport, might be in our near future, (as my people say [my people btw are the people that enjoy breathing and a good joke] : Today for you, tommorow maybe me- because we never know what the future holds). It doesn't have to be a terrible thing, public transport, it might be a very real answer to a very real question "where are we going to put everyone?" We are so varied in our stories, yet ultimately; poetically similar.So let us imrove on the things that make being human so amazing. Transportation? Let's do it. It was not that long ago that we were on foot running all of our emergencies.Improve public transportation? Oh yea. We can definately improve on public transportation. It is what is nowadays referred to as a NOBRAINER, are you ready? -manwasIdrunk.


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